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The final amount can safely provide about of annual income, for the rest of your life.

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Starting Balance
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Years to Invest

This calculation is based on an 8 annual rate of return, 3 annual salary increase, and
0.5 in annual investment fees (You can adjust these values too, by dragging them.)

Invest or not to invest
The permanent portfolio has an average annual return of about 8%. Compare that to putting your money into a bank account that pays just 3%. The difference is astounding.
Time is money
Time is one of the most powerful factors in deciding your final balance. See your final balance skyrocket (or plummet) as you adjust the number of years to invest. It pays to start early.
The tyranny of costs
Lots of people are unknowingly paying 2%, and more, in annual fees. At a low-cost brokerage you can get away with 0.5%. See what a difference that does to your final balance.